Hello. My name is Robert Barrett and I reside in Georgetown, Texas. I was actually born in New © copyright 2010, Robert D. BarrettBraunfels, Texas however, being a military brat I’ve moved every 3-5 years of my life, it seems.

I graduated from Balboa High School in the Panama Canal Zone in 1977. That was the time of my life- in a beautiful place – with unique and wonderful people. And from there joined the Army myself in 1979.

I’ve had the pleasure of serving in such places as Fort Amador, Canal Zone, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Yong In, Korea. I volunteered to leave the Army in 1992 due to the congressional drawdown of military forces.

I’ve seen alot of beautiful places, and beautiful people and now I’m armed with a camera so I can photograph it all.

I’m a certified PC Technician, and I play guitar and golf. I work on cars and fix things but mostly I love taking a picture that makes me feel good to look at.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the photographs. I truly love taking photographs and I’m honored that you’ve taken the time to stop by.

Best Regards,

Robert Barrett