New Printing Company…

When choosing a company to print my pieces quality and turn-around is very important. © 2013, Robert D BarrettOf course you want it “now”…but sometimes you sacrifice quality in the rush job.

So currently I’m using “Canvas By Blossom”  because they make my work look AWESOME.  The colors, the workmanship, just everything.  When you want fine art printed this is where I would recommend.

Cannot really say enough good about them.  So if you are considering having some of your own work printed check them out and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Peace, Love, and Canvas,


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The Value of a Good Theme…

© Copyright 2012, Robert D. Barrett, Barrett Photo Art

Llano Texas Eagle

I cannot express how impressed I am with the investment I made in the Photocrati Theme.  The versatility, the support, and ease of use, whereas before with my other site I had to  manually resize every photograph to thumbnail and larger size and manually code them  in to  place.

photocrati is WordPress based and the Galleries and Gallery Management is so easy and time  saving it’s worth the cost alone to allow me to go out and do what I like to do best.  SHOOT PHOTOGRAPHS!

I want to thank everyone that stops by and takes the time to look around.  Please send me a note if there  is anything I can do for you or if there is a print you’re interested in.

I plan on having the shopping cart up soon and plan on updating the galleries with my latest favorites.

Peace, Love, and Photocrati!,


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Merry Christmas…

© Copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. May God Bless you all and your families. God Bless our military returning from Iraq and those still serving overseas.
Thank you all for your kindness and your visit here. I’m still working on a page or two for this site. I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far.

Peace, Love, and Bless You,


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Moving Right Along…

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett
Well I’ve managed to learn alot about this WordPress Theme. The theme is called Photocrati  I believe I have made a worthwhile investment as the learning curve is getting smaller and smaller.

I’ve managed to learn about galleries and pages and I think I’ll be able to manage getting my website just the way I like it.  It was well worth the cost!

I haven’t decided on weather or not to add music to this site.  What do you think?  Sometimes I think it can be an annoyance but sometimes I think it adds a little to the (forgive me) Ambience of looking through the photographs.

Well, I’m exhausted for today and have to work my regular job tomorrow.  Enjoy!

Peace, Love, and WordPress!,


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Learning a new Theme…

© copyright 2010, Robert D. BarrettI’m currently updating Barrett Photo Art so that I can share my photography with you. Thanks for your patience while I work at putting this together. The contact form is working if you’d like to drop me a line. Thanks again for visiting!

Also feel free to visit my main blog at Bob’s Blahg!

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Under Construction…

Please bare with me while I redesign the site.

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